Homeschooling Support

Choosing to educate your children at home can offer flexibility and opportunities that may not be available in a typical classroom, and it also brings challenges.  We can help.

Subject Tutoring

Tutor Ring can provide subject-matter experts to work on reading, writing, math, science, and other academics.  Whether there are particular areas of learning that you feel less qualified to tackle or just need a break a few hours a week, we can help with that.

Teacher Tutoring

We're also here to help you learn to teach more effectively.  Many parents find it challenging to adapt teaching materials approved by the state to their child.  Time management and focus can also be tricky for parents just getting started. 

We have experience with and other popular homeschooling materials, so we can work with you on lesson preparation and classroom management that will make you a better teacher for your children.

Progress Assessment

Our tutoring team includes licensed teachers who meet the standards to independently assess student performance as required by Virginia law. 

For parents who are also working with us on subject or teacher tutoring services, we include annual evaluation letters on request at no additional charge because we are already familiar with the learning environment.  We're also happy to assess students with whom we have not been working throughout the year.

Why not set up a free session to try us out?

Thinking about homeschooling in the state of Virginia? 

Our reference page can help you understand what's involved before making this important choice.

You'll love how we work.

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