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Other people write for you.  Taking them up on that offer can cause lasting harm, because writing is not just for school. 

We edit what you write, making sure you sound your best while setting you up for long-term success by providing clear explanations for the changes we recommend. 

You'll remember these lessons long after college, when being able to craft an effective argument, clearly convey information, or strike an appropriate tone for a particular audience can be the basis for whether you get a new job or promotion.  Why not get started today?

Editing Rates
Up to two pages......$20
Each extra page......$15

* Prices are per essay *


 I always felt I had someone to rely on whenever I got stuck on essay prompts or ideas. Also, I knew I would get honest feedback as soon as possible and would receive guidance if I was trailing off from what colleges expected in my essays. I had a lot of essays to write but with the help, I was able to endure the process and feel confident about what I have written.

- Catherine
  Fairfax, VA

Before having my essays revised, I was never satisfied by my writing and felt like I was unable to clearly convey my thoughts. After revision, I was amazed by how my ideas I had initially wanted to deliver could be perfectly organized and expressed into words -- especially knowing that the corrections were made solely based on my imperfect writing. I remember constantly thinking, “This is exactly what I wanted to say... Wow, I would have never imagined putting it this way.” Everything seemed to fall into place from the flow of the essay to the word choice, and the revisions never failed to leave me surprised and satisfied.

Another thing I found helpful was the honest feedback. Many people tend to either only encourage or only point out flaws, but I received encouragements and responses about areas of improvements. This helped me understand the revisions better without feeling bad about me, and even helped me when writing other essays.

Without the revision help, it would have probably been difficult for me to finish everything in time and submit an essay of great quality.

- Ashely
  Rockville, MD

You'll love how we work.

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