We live in a competitive world.  Many students struggle with reading comprehension, effective writing, problem solving, and critical thinking

Our tutors help students build these skills and do their best work on homework and projects.  We can also assign level-appropriate reading or writing projects to help build proficiency.


I first met Ms. Wray back in middle school when I was still struggling with English.  She listened patiently to what I didn't understand and presented me with different ways to improve my writing skills.

I  learned how to identify the main points in my essay, which discouraged me from going off topic or babbling on repetitive sentences just so I could reach the word limit.  Her positive, friendly approach showed me how phenomenal she is as a tutor, teacher, and a friend.  Additionally, the writing skills that I've gained from her has helped me succeed in freshmen writing seminar at Cornell my freshmen year.

I would definitely recommend her to any students that I know!

- Evelyn (Sterling, VA)


Subject Expertise

  • Reading Comprehension
  • Effective Writing Skills
  • History and Social Studies
  • Math (Grade 2 to Calculus II)
  • Science
  • Computer Programming

You'll love how we work.